Centeo Chair

The Centeo swivel chair designed by Matthias Dohm ideally reflects the character of the Klöber premium brand. Leather and aluminium are distinctively combined so that closer inspection reveals precision in every detail.

The success of a company depends on decisions made in the upper echelons of management. The new Centeo swivel chair from Klöber sets the right tone, with its design reflecting the dynamism and cool-headedness that dominate in these places. The soft leather upholstery and the firm backrest form a clean contrast to the polished precision of the aluminium frame.

The elegant materials, outstanding finishes and generous proportions suggest comfort and relaxation. The folded seams and beading on the armrests and backrest bear witness to the crafted care and precision that go into every detail. The confident appearance is also reflected in the technology; hence the movement of the pro-comfort synchronous mechanism is perfectly and subtly weighted to match that of the user.

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