Orbit Chair

The Orbit chairs elegant aluminium crossbar defines its independent design. This is a statement for the concept of visible construction. When sitting down the user experiences singular comfort. This is thanks to particularly soft, high-tech materials that are pleasant to the touch. Thermoplastic membrane (TPE) for Orbit and Softnet for Orbit Network.

Excellent comfort with automatic mechanism. The point-synchronised mechanism developed by Klöber automatically adapts to the individual's body weight and ensures correct backrest pressure. Seat and back tilt to the most suitable angle for the back when working. For dynamic and comfortable sitting whenever moving. Essential for healthy long-term sitting.

The Orbit Network model features a light and transparent Softnet backrest. It adapts to the individual user and supports the spine. The result is the characteristic Orbit “waterbed” effect: the feeling of being cushioned by the Softnet.

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